G8NQO – Baofeng Programming

By Alex Whyatt G8NQO

Baofeng programming can be a very painful process if you plan to use the keyboard and especially if you need to setup repeater settings, names and CTCSS information.

Below are the a set of local frequencies for Bristol and the surrounding areas for programming into Baofeng (Pofung) transceivers using CHIRP and includes details of PMR and Marine frequencies.

This .csv file can be imported to Baofeng once you download the image file from your Baofeng transceiver into CHIRP and then choose the ‘import’ function to import the .csv file. Attempting to import any other .img file from another Baofeng may corrupt the firmware & make the Radio unusable !

If you are having any problems with drivers and the interface cable there is a good article here and software to resolve the usual problem.

The following file contains the data to be uploaded