G3YHV – Paraset

by Colin Chidgey G3YHV

The Paraset was used by British SOE agents in occupied Europe during WW2. This set, extremely well designed, represents the absolute minimum necessary for establishing two way clandestine communications With day and night communications possible over  a range of about 500 miles.

This is my replica Paraset. The oldest parts used in it are the valves and quartz crystal. Actually the wooden box used is older than a real Paraset.

Technical specifications:

  • Power output  –  about 5 Watts
  • Original frequency range 3-7.6Mhz
  • My frequency range  3.5 –  3.6Mhz
  • Single Valve 6V6 power oscillator
  • Regenerative(TRF) receiver using 2 6sk7 valves
G3YHV Paraset
G3YHV Paraset
Paraset Construction
Paraset Construction

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