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16th April 2022

Congratulations to Alex on passing the online Foundation Exam and now has the callsign M7ECP.

21st January 2022 – AGM

After 44 years as the club secretary and 24 years as secretary/treasurer Ron Ford (G4GTD) has stood down from the committee. The club presented Ron with some wine and a book for his dedicated service to the club. This photo also appeared in RadCom.

26th November 2021 – WSPR TX Alignment Night

I wonder who the Chicken Chow Mein special belongs to !

8th October 2021 – Loop Antennas

Demonstration of loop antennas by Robin G3TKF and Ken M0KMI. Robin demonstrates the Wellbrook loop which is now a Wellgood loop vs Ken’s lockdown loop using parts from eBay and camouflaged copper pipe.


8th October 2021 – Scenic view of Pill as we left the club

Pill from the Car Park

28th August 2020 – Full Exam

Congratulations to Matt who successfully passed the Full Exam and now has the call M0XHM

25th October 2019 – Foundation Exam

Congratulations to Tom, James & Michele passing the new Foundation Exam

30th August 2019 – Foundation Exam

Congratulations to Richard Barker passing the Foundation Exam

19th July 2019 – Foundation Exam

Congratulations to James Virgo passing the Foundation Exam with 100%!

12th April 2019 – Foundation Exam

Congratulations to Katherine King passing the Foundation Exam!

9th March 2018 – Foundation Exam

Congratulations to Andrew Fraley passing the Foundation Exam!