Antenna & Network Upgrades

Antenna & network upgrades were the main activity during early 2022. The club had relied upon a WiFi connection to a remote site over 1/4 mile away. As part of helping out with the Sea Cadets the club installed a WiFi router and separate networks for the club and Sea Cadets to use. In addition as the club no longer has access to the main block the majority of antennas were relocated for ease of future maintenance.

Work commenced on 25th Feb to install the new mast, brackets and networking between the two buildings.

  • Phase 1 – Antenna support – 25th Feb
    • Internal framework
    • T/K bracket installation
    • 50MHz dipole constructed as part of training for Foundation pupil \ SWR measured
  • Phase 2 – Main Deck – 4th March
    • Pole carried to site!
    • Trunking fixings installed for ethernet cables to protect them being eaten by squirrels
    • Antenna pole in place
    • Install housing for cabling, router and power
  • Phase 3 – 21st April
    • Replace catenary wire between buildings
    • Install ethernet cabling between 2 buildings
    • Install ethernet cabling to shack
    • Pulley/Halyard installation
  • Phase 4 – 29th April
    • Replace existing trap dipole with 150ft End Fed & Auto tuner
    • Power installation by electrician
    • Wireless networking configured
    • Install 50Mhz dipole
  • Phase 5 – 13th May
    • Install new earth rods
    • Shack bench reorganisation and cabling
  • Phase 6 – 20th May
    • Complete Wireless networking setup