About Us

SARC meets every Friday (except Bank Holidays) from 19:15 at the Signal Station located at “TS Enterprise Sea Cadets” in Station Road. Shirehampton ARC is a small but very friendly with around 25 members from all over Bristol and surrounding areas. We have our own off street parking and club members can be found afterwards in the Lamplighters public house just across the road !

The club holds the callsign G4AHG and can be heard on HF and VHF most Friday evenings. There is a fully equipped shack which is operational from 2m/70cms using a colinear, 50MHz Dipole and a 200ft Long Wire for 10-160m. The club normally has one of its WSPR TX units operational from the club which can be seen @ http://www.wsprnet.org

WSPR TX on 10Mhz June 2022 using 100mw + 200ft Long Wire
WSPR TX on 10Mhz June 2022 using 100mw + 200ft Long Wire

There is a club net on Sunday mornings from 11-12 on 145.425Mhz which you are welcome to join even if you are not a club member. The club has a Kiwi SDR (link in navigation menu) so even if you don’t own a radio you can listen to the HF bands.

Club meetings are very informal and club members frequently bring in their latest projects for others to comment on and experiment with. The club has quite a few members which come a technical background so if you need help with your project someone at Shirehampton ARC will always be willing to discuss it with you.

We have talks, demonstrations of equipment and radio related software at least once per month which are very informal. External speakers also give more formal talks several times per year.

New to amateur radio? From training to licensing, to setting up your equipment for the first time the club is here to help you.

On social media the club has a private forum on Groups.io and a Whatsapp group for members.

The club has excellent training facilities and access to the building and classrooms does not involve any stairs. We are happy to teach people of any ability, you do not need to have a background in electronics or radio. If you are interested in taking a course or just want to find out more please contact our secretary using this link.