This page provides an overview of the training provided by the club. If you wish to obtain an amateur radio licence there are a series of examinations you must pass depending on how far you wish to pursue the hobby.  There are 3 different  levels and examinations must be passed in sequence

Additional links are available on this site detailing the topics covered by each of the syllabuses. Each course level takes your knowledge of radio and electronics skills to a greater level and also enables you to use higher levels of power.

The national society (RSGB) provides books to accompany each course which can be obtained directly from their website or Amazon.

The Foundation and Intermediate examinations are marked on site by our examination invigilators and you will be given an indication on the night of your result, the final confirmation will come in the post usually within a week as the answer sheet is optically scanned and marked. Once you have passed the Foundation/Intermediate examination you may immediately apply for a Foundation/Intermediate call sign which will be available from the OFCOM website after approximately 7 working days.

Each examination consists of a multiple choice paper with 4 potential options for each question. The number of questions and duration increase with each course.

Here are a series of FAQ’s which cover most topics, if there is something we have not covered or you wish to ask please use the Contact Us link and we will get back to you as soon as possible..

  • Do I need a technical background?
    • No, most of the course is taught assuming you have no knowledge of the subject, if you do have a radio or electronics background we can adapt the course to your requirements
  • Do you run courses on other evenings or weekends?
    • We only provide training on club nights
  • Is there an age restriction?
    • No, as long you think you are capable we are prepared to teach you, our youngest pupil so far was 9 years old. Our training officer is also CRB \ DBS checked.
  • Where are the courses held?
    • At the club premises on a Friday evening in classrooms and the club shack for practical tasks
  • What courses do you run?
    • The club runs all 3 courses. Foundation courses are more frequent and on demand. Intermediate courses can normally be arranged to commence on completion of the Foundation course. Full training requires further discussion with the tutors as this takes a lot of effort.
  • How long does the course last?
    • Until you and the tutors think you are capable of passing the examination and have completed the practical parts of the course. This could be as little as four weeks if you have the appropriate background.
  • How much does it cost to do the course?
    • The costs for the course, examination and the club are as follows:-
      • Course Manuals start at £5 and are available from the RSGB or Amazon. If you join the RSGB the books are even cheaper.
      • Club Membership for a calendar year (see http://www.shirehampton-arc.org.uk/sarc/Membership )
      • To assist with our premises rental each member also pays a weekly sub – £2
  • What time do meetings start & finish?
    • We normally start around 19:30 and try to finish around 21:30 so people can take part in other club activities or talks
  • What will I need to bring with me?
    • The appropriate course manual plus a pen & paper will be sufficient
  • Do you cater for special needs?
    • We have taught pupils with severe learning difficulties and a handicapped person so we have no issues in this area. Access to the site is also very easy as all on the flat.
  • Do I need to purchase any equipment?
    • No not really, once you have passed the Foundation examination you have access to the equipment at the club.  A small VHF/UHF handheld transceiver costs around £25 but if you have the funds you can easily spend a lot more. The club will provide all the necessary equipment for the training courses
  • Friday nights are not good for me, are there any other options?
    • There are other local clubs, the RSGB Club Finder may help identify other options for you
  • Are there any apps for practice examinations?
  • Are there any practice papers or questions available?
  • Can I take the online examination at the club?
    • Not at present, we have kept to using the paper based examination due to the reliability of the Internet connection at our location. This is being addressed in the early part of 2022
  • What do I do next?
    • Come to club for a chat or contact the club via this link
  • How much to the examinations cost?
    • The current published costs are
      • Foundation £27.50 (£32.50 from 1/4/2023)
      • Intermediate £32.50 (£36.00 from 1/4/2023)
      • Full Licence £37.50 (£42.00 from 1/4/2023)

Further information is available to download here