Swisslog + WSJT-X + Gridtracker

Swisslog + WSJT-X + GridTracker

by Clive Maby G4NAQ

This combination of programs provides an excellent setup if you are interested in Data Modes (supported by WSJT-X) and use Swisslog as your logging program.

This page was setup as a reference as several club members were using Swisslog and WSJT-X. Subsequently several members also wanted to use GridTracker so this page explains the configuration required to integrate all 3 programs.

There is a limitation in that communication to GridTracker is “one-way” so you cannot click on stations within GridTracker and populate WSJT-X or Swisslog (next step for investigation).

The configuration relies on WSJT-X forwarding message to Swisslog which in turn forwards to GridTracker.

Swisslog Configuration

  • Swisslog Menu – Tools – Digital Modes Interfaces – WSJT-X
  • Assuming you have already configured WSJT-X to work with Swisslog the Program Location should already be set
  • The Auto Start option just launches WSJT-X several seconds after Swisslog has started
  • The main configuration relate to the top line
  • Active – enable networking
  • IP Address – this is the local loopback address
  • Port – use the default of 2237 (unless its being used elsewhere)
  • Forwarding – enable networking (this is disabled by default)
  • IP Address – this is the local loopback address so forward on the internal network
  • Port – use the default of 2332 (unless its being used elsewhere) this is the port where all the inbound messages from WSJT-X will be forwarded and allows GridTracker to receive the data
  • At the bottom of the screen GridTracker has been added to automatically start (shortly after WSJT-X is launched). Only add this once everything is working as expected. Do NOT set the Active field.

WSJT-X Configuration

  • WSJT Menu – File – Settings – Reporting Tab
  • Configure the UDP Server only
  • UDP Server – this is the local loopback address
  • UDP Server Port Number – 2237
  • Enable Accept UDP Requests, Notify on accepted UDP request and Accepted UDP request restores window
  • Secondary UDP Server – Do NOT enable

GridTracker Configuration

  • GridTracker – Settings Button (wheel)
  • Settings – General Tab
  • Port – 2332
  • The GridTracker receive UDP Messages window will have a yellow background & countdown timer running until it receives messages from Swisslog