Members Stories

The following page includes some members stories from former and existing members of the club and how initially got involved with Amateur Radio and joining SARC.

“I remember being ‘partially’ interested in Ham Radio in 1967 or 1968 – and indeed visited the Club on many a Friday Evening at Twyford House – and recall Addy being Chairman then. Sadly I had broken my ankle three days before I was due to join a ship in Tilbury.  Addy suggested then, that might be a good time to become a ‘Radio Ham’ – I’d done my RAE Exam in 1967 – and didn’t need to do a Morse Test with a Certificate that said I could send and receive morse code at 25 wpm – and I bought Maurice’s old KW2000 for my first ‘rig’. An old Valve Job, but it worked well – and I took it away to sea with me on my next trip.”

Vince G4HHL

“I moved into the area in autumn 2016, and went along for some company and a bit of support to get my station back up after the move.  Shirehampton is a friendly club with lots of practical stuff going on – including training to help new people gain an amateur radio licence.  I found a group that was open to new members and after the usual period of settling in, I felt I really belonged.  It’s now a regular feature of my week, meeting friends with a wide variety of interests within the hobby, laughing, sharing stories, bringing along projects, asking questions, doing events and generally supporting one another in a great hobby.  I’ve made some really good friends and my enjoyment of amateur radio has been greatly enhanced.”

Paul G0OER