Intermediate Course Book

Intermediate Licence Training

The 2nd course is the Intermediate Licence and covers topics at a more detailed level and introduces some more practical elements which culminate in a small project. The course builds on the experience of the Foundation course. The club provides all the necessary equipment other than requirement for the construction project to be completed by the pupil.

The examination on completion of the course consists of a multiple choice paper with 46 questions with 1 hour 30 minutes to answer them. The fee for this examination is £32.50, this cost is charged by the RSGB and is not under the control of our club nor do any of these fees go to the club.

Courses are run on demand, there is no schedule. We try to plan courses to commence following the Foundation Course.

If you have not already joined the RSGB you should investigate this as they provide a lot of facilities including a monthly magazine and a bookshop. Membership to those under the age of 21 is free.

Intermediate Courses are taught by John, G4DVV.

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