Roger Fry – G4WBV / G8WBV / EI3JG


In March 2024 the club lost one of its longest serving members. Roger was very well known on the bands due to the amount of time he spent on the radio.

When SARC participated in contests namely VHF NFD Roger was one of the main organisers and operators. Latterly Roger operated as part of the Bristol Contest Group mainly in SSB events.

The following tribute is from Bob Andrews, G4BWB.

On the day of Roger’s funeral (26th April), I decided to take the National Express from London to Bristol, rather than take the car.  Sitting on the bus for three hours gave me time to think, – about Roger mainly.  I had known him for decades.

One of the joys in life is that we get to meet with and interact with so many people and sometimes make lasting friendships.  Each individual we meet has a unique and interesting character … and Roger certainly was a very ‘unique character.’

There were times when we were not close, by virtue of the fact that I spent many years living in the Far East. But the great thing about genuine friendships is that they wait for us to come back and then resume as if we have never been apart.

My last phone call with Roger, was a long one.  He had me howling in laughter for about an hour and a half, and however ‘dressed up’ the story might have been, it did not matter, though most of it I could not repeat here!

My family went through a very difficult time a few years ago.  In addition, my son had just gone through a second major operation, and he was very ill.  He was not healing.  Roger was always concerned to ask about James’ health and the other problems we had.  He was immensely kind.  I shall not forget him, for this.  It helped me cope.

When we lose a family member or a friend, I think our sense of loss is comforted by that which they leave behind.  Amongst the things Roger will leave behind is his love, his wisdom, and the way he enriched the lives of all who knew him.

Though I have singled out Roger for mention, I also acknowledge the others we have lost at the Shirehampton Amateur Radio Club, over the years.  Much of the message above applies equally to those people as well. I miss them all.

I will miss you too, Roger.  May you rest in peace.

Bob G4BWB.