The entry level course is an introduction to Amateur Radio and can normally be completed within a few months. The course includes a series of practical assessments which introduces you to the use of a variety of equipment at the club and also operating procedures.  There is no requirement for any background in radio or electronics. 

If you have any relevant knowledge the course can be tailored, however the practical assessments must be undertaken at the club. At the Foundation Level you are not expected to come away with an in depth knowledge but sufficient to “get you going” and build on the knowledge with the Intermediate and Full courses.

The examination on completion of the courses consists of a multiple choice paper with 26 questions with 1 hour to answer them. The fee for this examination is £27.50, this cost is charged by the RSGB and not under the control of our club nor does any this amount go to the club.

Courses are run on demand. there is no schedule.

Foundation Courses are taught by Clive, G4NAQ and John, G4DVV.